Fire Emblem Engage ROM leaks, spoilers flood social media

Don't engage with these spoilers!

16 January 2023
by rawmeatcowboy 1

There’s been a trend with recent Nintendo releases, and it’s not a good one. Either through pirated copies or broken street dates, first party Switch games have suffered from leaks weeks, or days before launch. Sadly, that’s exactly what’s going on with Fire Emblem Engage right now.

Fire Emblem Engage arrives on Switch January 20th, 2023, but some people have already gotten their hands on the game. Unfortunately, this is worse for Nintendo than a broken street date, as the game’s ROM has made its way online. If you want to keep yourself spoiler-free, it’s best to step away from social media for the time being, or at the very least, mute specific words/phrases.

Fire Emblem Engage has been plagued by leaks since day one. We actually learned of the game’s existence through leaked screenshots and details long before Nintendo ever announced the game. I guess it’s to be expected the full game gets leaked mere days before release!

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1+ y ago

Thanks for the warning RMC! I'll get right on muting everything Fire Emblem.