Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios Hollywood is filled with amazing rides and set-pieces, but that’s not all there is for Nintendo fans to experience. You’ll no doubt get hungry while at the park, which makes for the perfect opportunity to stop in for a bite at Toadstool Café!

Toadstool Café will offer up all sorts of Mushroom Kingdom-themed meals, all of them crafted by none other than Toad! Turns out Toad is the head chef at Toadstool Café, and he’s not only eager to make your meals, but also welcome you to the eatery in general.

In the video below, you can hear what Toad has to say when you first show up at Toadstool Café. This is the first time we’re getting to hear Toad’s Toadstool Café spiel in English, so it’s a pretty big deal!

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1+ y ago

Sounds like Toad. Though why did they replace Peach's cake with that pink cupcake for?


1+ y ago

It's not like this is the first time we've heard Toad speak in full sentences. Let's not forget the academy award-winning delivery of the line, "wHaT's tHiS iCkY, pAiNt-LiKe GoOp? iT's MoViNg!!"



1+ y ago

"I'm surprised Mario games aren't trying full voice acting"

I don't want Chris Pratt to become the new voice of Mario in games, tyvm