PID Games, the developer DX Gameworks and Just For Games are today happy to announce the upcoming release of Family Fun Night, a new take on classic board games. The title is due out Spring 2023 and will see both a digital and physical release.

Whether it’s your first time around it, or you are a confirmed board game player, Family Fun Night allows you to play the world’s most liked games in a whole new light! Choose a family member character and participate in one of the fourteen classic games

Family Fun Night is the first game from That’s My Family to offer both original board games and classic games that were part of your childhood! Play 14 different games, from Snakes and Ladders to Parcheesi, Chess and 4 in a Row, and many more. Looking for something new? Try our original games such as Kings of Invaders. Challenge your family and friends in local multiplayer or train against the AI!


Each game offers a unique setting inspired by history, mythology and popular culture. Play Greek mythology-themed chess, beat your friends in a game of prehistoric 4-in-a-row, destroy fantasy castles in Kings of Invaders, explore the South American jungle in Snakes and Ladders, and much more!

Depending on the game you choose, play with up to 2 or 4 players in local multiplayer mode. Only have one controller? Thanks to our “pass and play” mechanics, you can play most of the Family Fun Night games in local multiplayer mode, by passing the controller to other players! Want to practice? You can play against the AI before competing against your friends!

Play as a member of your new family: grandfather, grandmother, mother, father, son or daughter. Each character has a themed outfit for each mini-game!

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