Strategy RPG 'Vanaris Tactics' coming to Switch soon

Strategizing a Switch release

17 January 2023
by rawmeatcowboy 0

Publishers Chorus Worldwide and Toge Productions, and developer Matheus Reis have announced that they’re bringing the strategy RPG “Vanaris Tactics” to the Switch. No specific release date was given, but the team did say it can be expected soon.

Vanaris Tactics is a fantasy turn-based tactical RPG that tells a story about refugees fleeing their occupied motherland. Follow a group of refugees looking for freedom outside the walls of Vanaris, unite your brethrens and use tactical prowess to escape your oppressors.

Vanaris Tactics tells the story of Morgana, in her struggle looking for freedom outside the walls of Vanaris. Accompanied by her brother Nigel and nephew Adrien, they must flee their motherland, a place they call home. Discover the vast land of Vanaris and meet new people on the same path, as they must leave everything behind to escape their oppressors and find peace.

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