Atooi, the team that brought you Mutant Mudds and Xeodrifter, is hard at work on a brand-new Switch game called RUN BOX RUN. This is a casual online party game, and you can get full details on the experience below.

  • global online matches
  • fast menu access to lobby
  • race to the end of the level, with last place being eliminated
  • trivia intermission
  • supports up to 13 players
  • win crowns for getting first place
  • share unique room codes with friends
  • host your own private matches
  • stream-friendly (show/hide code)

No word on the release date for RUN BOX RUN just yet, but we’ll bring you that info when it becomes available.

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2+ y ago

Atooi has continuing serious issues with not finishing their kickstarter game, Hatch Tales, in favor of distractions like this. Hatch Tales was supposed to be finished and delivered in 2018.

Atooi also released a limited run 3ds game, Atooi Collection, that has a bug that prevents the player from finishing Chicken Wiggle. They promised to fix the bug almost two years ago and didn't! Bad developer!


2+ y ago

This has to be an April Fool's Joke given it's an amalgamation of Runbow, Jack Box, and Box Boy.


2+ y ago


It's not a joke at all


2+ y ago

I kind of wish they would just focus on finishing Hatch Tales. This is just going to cause fans to get annoyed at them again similar to what happened with Pictooi last year.

It just really sad to see atooi lose a lot of the good will that they built up during the 3DS era.