Respawn, the team behind Apex Legends, has shared a new dev blog about what they’re working on for the title. It appears one of the big focuses for early 2023 will be matchmaking, as the devs are looking to create a better experience for all players, no matter how skilled you are.

Respawn says how they handle new players coming into the fray is something they must keep in mind when thinking about matchmaking improvements. Along with that, all matchmaking will use the same skill rating technology going forward, but each mode will use different tuning values based on what works best for that mode. Finally, Respawn has built their new skill measurement algorithm for accuracy. The former matchmaking system categorized players into four discrete (including one for new player) skill buckets. The new system is more granular, and has many more buckets. This allows the matching algorithm to make better decisions when placing players into matches.

Respawn goes into much more detail on all the matchmaking tweaks in their official blog, which you can read through here.


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