Mario and Luigi have Wario and Waluigi as their counterparts, but Peach really doesn’t have anyone to go up against. There are similar characters like Princess Daisy and Mayor Pauline, but no one that’s clearly meant to be their evil opposite. Turns out there was an attempt to bring such a character into the fray years ago, but it was quickly shot down.

All the way back in 2008, Japanese Nintendo magazine Nindori spoke to Shugo Takahashi, vice president of Camelot Software Planning. Camelot were the ones who came up with Walugi for Mario Tennis, and they were looking to do something similar for their next game. This led to the team suggesting the idea of Walupeach, but that idea wouldn’t move forward.

Walupeach was going to be something of a fallen angel character, and Camelot had already cooked up some artwork as well. Unfortunately, before they could show their ideas to Shigeru Miyamoto, he completely squashed the idea. Miyamoto apparently thought the idea would be too similar to Doronjo, a villain from the anime series Yatterman. From this point forward, Walupeach was dead in the water.

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Nightmare rocket fuel. 👹 🚀 ⛽


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Good we don't need another character that would just be forgotten anyways


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I'm kinda disappointed we didn't get this!

Would've been better than Pink Gold Peach in Mario Kart, at least


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It would be fun to at least see the art.

I wouldn't mind the Bros having a good female villain, but it might be better that she's her own thing instead of just an evil mirrored Peach.