On January 19th, 2023, ‘Critical Zone’ will finally be released on Switch to create some heat among players during the cold season!

On a wide variety of planets, players can prove their skills through jumps and dashes and fight their way through our solar system. The highlight: You take on the role of a historical personality of our earth. Yet the world is not enough! And the fight has to go to a bigger stage: THE WORLD! With a satirical wink, a new level of escalation breaks out in the living room!

Each planet comes with its own challenge to make the fight for our solar system more difficult. Some planets can teleport, others can terraform, you have to be careful of the heat or the cold or avoid the sun’s rays. Each map brings different gameplay! Can you handle the absurd chaos?

Up to 4 players play locally in quick rounds so that by changing maps quickly, a wide variety of games is created and it never gets boring. Due to the low number of fighting methods, the game is quick to learn but difficult to master. As a result, both beginners and pros can have fun and prove their power in bitter duels. Be prepared for laughter and tears in ‘Critical Zone’.


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