Slowly but surely, the release date for the Super Mario Bros. animated movie from Nintendo and Illumination is sneaking up on us. We’ll be able to enjoy the film starting April 7th, 2023, but the time leading up to release has been filled with all sorts of advertisements.

One of the latest promotional efforts has been spotted in Japan. Those in and around Shinjuku, Tokyo have seen a billboard truck making the rounds that shows off footage from the movie, previously-released trailers, and promotional artwork as well. You can get a closer look at that billboard in the video above.


It’s also worth noting that some fans believe they can see Chunky Kong sitting in the stands in the promotional image with Donkey Kong. The image is extremely blurry, so everything is speculation right now, but have a look at the moment above and see what you think.


Along with that, we also have another look at a Bowser toy that’s tied to the movie as well. This 7-inch Bowser figure is pretty great on its own, but there’s more to it than just pretty looks. Bowser actually has a red light inside his mouth to give off a fire effect, but best of all, the figurine also spits out smoke alongside the light! You can see a video of the figurine in action here.

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Chunky Kong? Not bad. But where is…HE?

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