Earlier today, Nintendo shared Fire Emblem Engage ‘Ask the Developer—Part 2,’ the latest installment in their developer interview series. This installment focuses heavily on the character art of Fire Emblem Engage, which was handled by Mika Pikazo.

In the image above, you can see the initial rough sketches that Mika Pikazo did for some of the cast in Fire Emblem Engage. Each character went through a variety of changes, tweaks and overhauls during the process. In the case of the main characters, there were 6 separate revisions before the final details were locked in.

It seems the toughest part of this process was taking Mika Pikazo’s 2D designs and retaining their look and spirit in 3D, but Nintendo, Intelligent Systems and Mika worked closely together to make it happen. Painstaking detail was paid to every aspect, especially with characters’ eyes.

You can learn all about this process in Fire Emblem Engage ‘Ask the Developer—Part 2,’ which can be found here.

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