Here’s something I don’t ever get to talk about on GoNintendo. I’m actually a massive Radiohead fan. It’s one of the few bands I’ve seen live, and multiple times at that. They could very well be my favorite band, and seeing them get (unofficially) mashed up with one of my favorite hobbies has really made my day.

We’re not sure how Radiohead fan ‘on4ward’ came up with such a unique idea, but we’re glad they did. In the video above, you can hear Radiohead’s In Rainbows album from start to finish, but like you’ve never heard it before. Instead of hearing the real instruments or Thom Yorke’s vocals, you get nothing but Super Mario 64 sounds.

Yes, we really mean every single element of the original Radiohead tracks have been replaced with classic sounds from Super Mario 64. You’re going to recognize every single one of these sound effects and instruments, but now you get to enjoy them through Radiohead’s fantastic compositions!

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