Have you been excited to try out all the delectable meals and snacks that Super Nintendo World has to offer? Well if so, you might want to book your trip to Japan right now, because you’re not going to get the same experience at Super Nintendo World in the states.

With Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios Hollywood running its soft-open right now, a select few people have gotten a chance to stop by the Toadstool Café to try out some of the sweets and treats. Unfortunately, it appears the menu is quite different from what you find in Japan.

As you can see above, the image on the left shows off the Princess Peach Cake you’ll get at Super Nintendo World in Japan. The image on the right is the Princess Peach Cake at Super Nintendo World stateside. Anyone can easily see that this is quite a significant downgrade.

Along with that, there are multiple menu items at Super Nintendo World in Japan that simply haven’t made the cut for the U.S.. Now this could obviously change as the years roll on and the menu could be expanded once the park officially opens, but as things stand right now, the food-related offerings are a bit disappointing.

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1y ago

In this particular case (probably in many others), the Japanese cafe seems to have much more detail in the presentation, too. I wonder if the food in Japan is much more expensive because of that.


1y ago

@jake_a The japanese cake is more expensive at 2,800 yen which equates to about $21.80 as of today. However it is supposed to serve 3-4 people. The cupcake at the U.S. park is listed at $9.99 and I would have to imagine is meant to be one serving.


1y ago

Is that because there's no whale and dolphin on the menu outside of Japan? 🐋 🐬 Japan is a remarkable and beautiful country in so many ways, but so barbaric and cruel in other ways.