Kirby and the Forgotten Land is absolutely killing it around the world, and just yesterday we learned that the game pulled in a franchise-best week of sales in Japan. Thousands of Japanese fans are loving every second of the game, and now we know there’s a least one high-profile player among them.

Yoco Akiyama, one of the main artists on the My Hero Academia manga, took some time away from drawing Deku and the gang to put together the Kirby tribute seen above. The artwork definitely captures the spirit of Kirby and the Forgotten Land, sitting Kirby down in an apocalyptic setting, complete with the Mouthful Mode car standing by.

Always nice to see art tributes from Kirby fans, especially when they’re such high-profile ones. Let’s hope Akiyama comes up with another piece of Kirby art soon!

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2y ago

He's the artist of a My Hero Academia spin-off title I think. The main series is drawn by Kohei Horikoshi.