Yes, I know how crazy that sounds, but I can explain! Japanese Streamer Mutekimaru Channel has a long-running series where their pet fish plays a variety of pokemon games. It does this by swimming over a grid of labeled controls, which is then picked up by a motion tracker that relays which controls the fish is currently swimming over.

During a recent stream of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, the game unexpectedly crashed, allowing their fish to do a little more than catch pokemon.

First, the fish navigated to the home menu, opening up the settings and changed their owner’s switch username. After this, it browsed around it’s owner’s friends list. The fish got a little more bold after this, opening up the eshop, read the terms and conditions, then promptly closed them, perhaps having second thoughts about the whole ordeal.

After careful deliberation, the fish decided that it in fact did want to browse the eshop. The fish didn’t miss a beat opening it’s owner’s wallet page, revealing their credit card information live on stream. Not stopping there, the fish then decided to add 500 yen to it’s owners eshop balance.

The fish didn’t give up there, soon moving over to the Nintendo Switch Online App, where it would purchase a variety of profile icons and download the N64 App. (Perhaps the fish thought it needed to add funds for the icons and app? It’s hard to tell)

Satisfied with its exploits, the fish then returned to the home screen and closed the console, ending its reign of terror. Mutekimaru Channel contacted Nintendo in an attempt to get a refund due to his fish’s involvement. They have not yet responded.

For more fish-related streams, check out Mutekimaru Channel for even more.

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Holy mackerel! This is hilarious. Usually credit card numbers are leaked through phishing, not fishing.


1+ y ago

Holy mackerel! This is hilarious. Usually credit card numbers are leaked through phishing, not fishing.

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1+ y ago

There are so many good fish puns one could make here.

But really, how insane of a scenario to play out. Almost makes me happy Scarlet and Violet are as buggy as they are or else this amazing little story might never have surfaced.