Back in September 2022, Melonhead Games Pty Ltd, a South Australian-based independent studio, announced that their debut title Rooftop Renegade would be heading to Switch in Q1 2023. Now we know the game is specifically launching on February 17th, 2023. This news is accompanied by a fresh trailer, which you can check out above.

Rooftop Renegade puts you in the Chrono-Kicks of Svetlana, a hoverblading outlaw on the run from the evil Globacorp. With the ability to portal through time, Svetlana sets out to brave Globacorp’s attack squad as she steals as many scattered time crystals as possible.

BOOST, GRIND and WARP through challenge levels to test your mettle and feel like the ultimate speedrunner.

With an accessible way to understand the satisfying feeling of being in the zone, you’ll blast through levels at high speeds while chaining together abilities while making split-second pathway decisions.

The chaotic local-multiplayer allows friends and family to come together to play as the gunners bent-on disrupting Svetlana’s escape route.

Featuring distinct locations riddled with dangerous hazards and unique pathways, you’ll be able to attempt levels with multiple approaches. And with many different stat-boosting chrono-kicks to choose from, there’s plenty of ways to get your kicks!

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