Rubber Bandits, a wild family-friendly party brawler for 1-4 players, is launching on Switch today with online and local multiplayer options (but you can play single-player, too)!

The game has 8 different game modes with different objectives - from beating up other players and cops to bombing everyone around you. The game modes are enhanced with modifiers like Speed Boosted, Bomb Rain and Fastball Throws so there are tons of ways to go about winning the round.

In Rubber Bandits, pretty much anything you find in the game can be used as a weapon, including katanas, laser swords, dead fish, rocket launchers, toilet paper and flamethrowers. In addition, the bandit can be stylized however a player wants in order to express their inner criminal.

Rubber Bandits supports crossplay which allows you to beat your friends up regardless of whether they play on Switch, Xbox, Playstation, or PC. The game already has a playerbase of more than 600.000 players ready to welcome Switch players with chaos and loud laughter.


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