Nintendo patent shows Nintendogs using AR tech

I have to go, my dog is calling

19 January 2023
by rawmeatcowboy 5

Nintendogs was an absolutely monumental success for Nintendo. The game really helped put the Nintendo DS on the map, and it quickly became a must-have hardware/software pairing. The follow-up, Nintendogs + Cats failed to come anywhere near the same level of success, but perhaps that was due to players not being ready for a new installment just yet.

Will there ever be a time where audiences clamor for more Nintendogs? Well, I guess that depends on where you play it and what it offers. Nintendo clearly thinks there’s an opportunity to woo players with Nintendogs once again, and the platform they’re focusing on could be the key to the next wave of success.

A patent from Nintendo has surfaced that is about as straightforward as its gets. The patent clearly shows a Nintendogs-style game being played on a mobile device. I’m sure there are people who would buy Nintendogs on the Switch or whatever the Switch’s successor is, but a mobile version of the game makes a lot more sense. That’s especially true when you see the main gimmick for this idea.

The images included in the patent show an AR approach to Nintendogs, similar to what you get from Pokémon GO or Pikmin Bloom. Instead of playing with your virtual dog in a virtual room, you’d take that virtual pup and put them right in your actual living room (or any real-life space), thanks to AR tech and your mobile device’s phone. It seems like the perfect next-step for Nintendogs, and could very well revive intrest in the brand.

As usual, Nintendo’s patents sometimes never go beyond the patent itself. Whether Nintendo turns this into an actual idea that gets released remains to be seen. At the very least, it’s clear Nintendo thinks there’s something to this new approach for Nintendogs. Now we sit back and wait to see if it happens!

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1+ y ago

Nintendogs as a mobile AR game would clean up imo.

They can easily monetise it with hundreds of cosmetic items for your doggo.

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cheesus 2

1+ y ago

Surprised there isn't a Nintendogs for the Switch, a mobile game would absolutely kill it.


1+ y ago

I can already see the wave of puppy money coming to Nintendo


1+ y ago

Give that dog a phone. 🐕 ☠️ 📱


1+ y ago

This is such a no-brainer I hate myself not thinking of it myself =D
They could rake in so much money in this. Hell, even I would get this and pay for stupid shit for my virtual dog to make it happy unlike on the picture from the patent =(
Then again I am allowed to have pets where I live....

Did you guys also cover the VR patent from February?

Let this be true so I can finally play Star Fox in VR!!!