LUNARK, the upcoming cinematic platformer, was obviously inspired by Another World and Flashback when it comes to games, but what about other sources of inspiration? In an interview with, developer Johan Vinet opened up about the movies, TV shows and books that helped pave the way for LUNARK.

As a fan of science fiction, I was heavily influenced by movies, TV-shows or books like Total Recall, Blade Runner, Altered Carbon or The Expanse which explored themes of AI, post-apocalyptic worlds, social disparities, that you can find in one form or another in LUNARK.

I also drew inspiration from adventure movies like Indiana Jones and Back to the Future, both of which had a fun and light-hearted tone and didn’t take themselves too seriously. They had a great balance of action, humor and heart, which is something I tried to incorporate into LUNARK.

Watching those movies had a big impact on me when I was growing up, and they influenced the way I think about storytelling and world-building.

[Developer, Johan Vinet]

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