SMITE 'Surtr, The Fire Giant' promo video

Get a closer look at the next God

20 January 2023
by rawmeatcowboy 0

On January 24 after 10 years of divine action, SMITE’s iconic jungle boss since open beta, the Fire Giant Surtr, will be breaking free from his shackles and becoming the new playable God.

As a Warrior from the Nordic pantheon, Surtr will soon be taking his revenge on those who have spent more than a decade cutting him down. And Gods should know one thing: with each defeat the wrath of Surtr has been growing ever stronger…

Playing as this chaotic strength of nature, you will be able to spawn fiery imps and hurl them at your enemies, strike through foes with a blazing blade in rings of fire, and even become an extinction event by transforming into a flaming meteor that will crash down from the skies. Ragnarok awaits you…

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