Many Switch owners have suffered from Joy-Con drift, and it can be a nightmare. While Nintendo does offer a program in most locations to replace Joy-Con for free, that doesn’t prevent the issue from happening again down the line. That’s where the Guilikit “Hall-effect” joystick steps in.

The Guilikit “Hall-effect” joystick aims to completely do away with Joy-Con drift with its patented electromagnetic design. This approach senses your inputs through a contactless mechanism, which should mean zero wear-and-tear as you use the joystick. If the joystick isn’t being beaten and battered in the Joy-Con’s internals, then you should be drift-free for decades to come!

The only bad part about the Guilikit “Hall-effect” joystick is that you’ll have to disassemble your Joy-Con and install this replacement on your own. If that’s not a problem for you, you can grab the Guilikit “Hall-effect” joystick via Amazon.

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1+ y ago

I preordered the NYXI Gamecube style controller because it uses “Hall Effect” sticks.


1+ y ago

I learned recently that Nintendo's joystick provider has a patent for a similar electromagnetic joysticks. The patent in question also displays joysticks almost identical to those in the current Switch.

Here's hoping whenever and whatever Nintendo releases next has those intact. Joycon Drift sucks.