As we approach the launch day of Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection, which launches on April 14th, 2023, for the Nintendo Switch, Capcom is sharing more details about the game; check out the full details below, which includes the introduction of Lan’s parents, more information on Battle Chips, and more (via Perfectly-Nintendo).

Lan’s mother, Haruka Hikari, acts as his primary caregiver, filling in for her husband who is often absent. She is skilled in the kitchen and has recently taken up baking her own bread. Despite her friendly and nurturing nature, she can become quite intimidating when angered.

Lan’s father, Yuichiro Hikari, a leading research in the fields of PETs and NetNavi. Recently, he has expanded his focus to also include heading a team responsible for addressing the increase in internet crimes. Though a loving and affable father, his busy work schedule often keeps him away from home.

Battle Chips:

  • Sword-type battle chips:

These chips are powerful weapons, capable of hitting one or more tiles depending on the battle chip. Make sure you’re using the right blade for any given situation!

  • Bomb-type Battle Chips:

Hurl an explosive through the air, detonating where they land. A clever Operator can lure opponents into an explosive trap, or even attack from a defensive position depending on what else is on the field.

  • Crack Shot:

Some attacks in Mega Man Battle Network games travel along the ground, but a Crack Shot can bust viruses and create a safe zone all at once!

Eugene Chaud, an elementary school student, is a licensed NetBattler and is the same age as Lan and the others, but he has already solved many internet-based crimes despite his young age. Initially, he held a haughty attitude towards Lan, but as he witnessed Lan’s successes, he gradually came to respect him.

Proto Man is a NetNavi who has been custom-optimized by Eugene for exceptional performance. He maintains a composed demeanor, and his decision-making skills are sharp. As he was not designed to exhibit kindness or empathy, he can be quite ruthless at times.

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