Nintendo is back with another round of Switch game recommendations, and they’ve picks a theme that’s near and near to my heart. For this grouping of games, Nintendo has focused in on titles with fantastic soundtracks!

A soundtrack can be instrumental in creating an immersive game play experience. But sometimes when the music hits…something changes. Your head might start bobbin’. Your toes might start tappin’. But, perhaps most shockingly, you may start to feel the beat.

As usual, Nintendo suggests some of their own games along with third party offerings. You can see the entire slate of titles recommended here.

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1+ y ago

Splatoon, but not the Xenoblade trilogy, not even their marketing now what's up, i guess thats why they didnt win soundtrack of the year for 2 for example on awardshows!


1+ y ago

I can vouch for Streets of Rage 4. The team did a wonderful job on that soundtrack, especially with how each track progresses through each stage. It's a major reason why I spent over 100 hours playing that game!

Surprised they didn't feature Astral Chain. The opening track alone is worth the price of admission!


1+ y ago

No Bravely Default 2? No The World Ends with You -Final Remix- an/or NEO: The World Ends with You? Uggh..