We’re already nearing the end of January 2023, but Pokémon Co. is still working on some data from 2022. Recently, Pokémon Co. turned their attention to Pokémon UNITE to see which Pokémon were the most-picked of 2022, and now they’ve shared the results.

According to the official stats from Pokémon UNITE, Pikachu ended up as the most-picked Pokémon in 2022. Throughout the course of last year, players picked Pikachu nearly 130 million times! Following in closely behind that was Greninja, who racked up a very respectable 103 million picks. The distance between second and third place was even tighter, which Charizard rounding out the top 3 at 101 million picks.

Do these picks fall in line with your Pokémon UNITE roster, or did you have other favorites?

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