Kingdom: Two Crowns has gotten a content update. The ‘Lost Islands’ release is now live, and you can read the full patch notes below.


  • Lost Islands - A new challenge island is now available! Face a new, randomly generated challenge every day. But be swift, for each island will eventually be lost to time…
  • Once you embark on an island, you’ll have up to 72 hours to complete it
  • Only one island can be saved & explored before completion
  • Norse Lands setting is now available in all existing challenge islands

Balance changes

  • Norse Lands: The Loki staff ability can no longer be used inside the cave
  • Norse Lands: Getting defeated while transformed into Boar form no longer generates coins
  • Plague Island: Citizens overtaken by the greed will now do less damage against walls and will have a longer cooldown between each hit

Global fixes

  • The visual effect of lightning flashes during thunderstorms has been toned down
  • Citizen houses no longer have extra torches upon loading a save
  • Workers should no longer get stuck on catapults with oil barrels
  • The merchant’s donkey now responds properly to the gravity of the universe, and will no longer levitate upside down
  • The dog will once again yelp for help when trapped under a log
  • Fixed a bug that could cause strange behavior after the dog was freed from the cave
  • Fixed a bug in Norse Lands that could cause players to get stuck after an unsuccessful attempt to escape a cave bombing
  • Minor visual improvements and bug fixes

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