For the first time ever, Dead by Daylight delivers a direct continuation to its latest Chapter with the release of Tome 14: BETRAYAL, out now. Players will be drawn deeper into the medieval world introduced in the Forged in Fog Chapter with chilling new tales for The Knight and Vittorio Toscano. Featuring medieval-inspired cosmetic rewards and Rift challenges centered around The Knight and Vittorio, BETRAYAL is the perfect way for fans to forge connections with the newest Killer and Survivor. The release also includes a Lunar New Year in-game Event, along with a Resident Evil™ Collection tied to the celebrations. ​ ​Fresh off Forged in Fog’s November release, Tome 14: BETRAYAL continues the compelling tale of its medieval characters. Players are invited to follow Tarhos Kovacs, also known as The Knight, as he rejects the chivalric code for a path of blood and power; then descend into madness with Vittorio Toscano, a Survivor doomed to eons wandering The Entity’s Realms. New Rift challenges focused on the Power and Perks of these spotlighted characters are designed to help fans master their gameplay, while cosmetic rewards spread the medieval theme throughout the Dead by Daylight roster. ​ ​Lunar New Year Event ​ ​The Year of the Rabbit is upon us, and Dead by Daylight is celebrating with The Moonlight Burrow in-game Event. Not only will The Entity’s Realm be swimming in seasonal decorations but boosted Bloodpoints and themed Cosmetic rewards are also up for grabs. New rabbit-themed Paper Lanterns scattered throughout the Trials will give players a speed buff when triggered, and everyone’s favorite hidden Red Envelopes are back, waiting to grant amazing Cosmetics and Bloodpoints. ​ ​Resident Evil & Lunar New Year Collections ​ ​Available January 24th, Dead by Daylight will release two new Collections, with more soon to come. First, one of horror gaming’s premiere franchises gets in on the celebrations with the Resident Evil x Lunar New Year Collection, featuring both fashionable and tactical Very Rare Outfits for Jill Valentine and Ada Wong, as well as a Legendary Outfit transforming The Blight into the “First Form G” once known as William Birkin. The Moonlight Burrow Collection is also on hand to deck Feng Min and Vittorio Toscano out in dazzling ensembles befitting a Lunar New Year’s celebration in The Fog.

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