Limited Run Games has once again turned their attention to a legacy platform for a new physical release. Fans of the Game Boy will be happy to know Nintendo’s classic portable will be getting a new game in the way of Melon Journey Pocket, and pre-orders for the physical release open Jan. 27th, 2023.

In Melon Journey Pocket, your journey begins when you and your friend decide to take a trip to Melon Forest You spend your time happily fishing and harvesting wild radishes, thinking fondly of the delicious dinner the two of you will soon have.

Just as your friend heads into the forest on a search for firewood, a vicious storm rolls in. After being separated, you spend the night alone, determined to find them in the morning. You roam around, asking the citizens of Hog Town if they’ve seen your friend and unfortunately, you find out that in this world no information comes free…

Melon Journey Pocket’s physical release is priced at $45 and you can take a closer look at the release here.

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