If you’ve spent a decent amount of time on the internet and you are a Nintendo fiend, there are certain images you’ve no-doubt come across. There’s the horrifying GameCube basement setup, the creepy peeking Mario, and of course, the Jason Alexander GameCube picture above. These are pictures we have little to no explanation for, especially with the Jason Alexander example…until today.

The gang at Time Extension set out to find the story behind this image, and they went straight to the source. Their team reached out to Jason Alexander’s publicist, who sent a quick reply stating that Jason had no memory of the picture being taken. That led to a discussion with the picture’s photographer, Lester Cohen. While Cohen obviously can’t share deep insight into what Alexander was thinking, he can certainly offer a bit of backstory.

“I look at that photo now and I know he wasn’t happy. I can just tell. Here’s the thing about it: when you do these gifting lounges and the products that these people have, I’ve had Academy Award winning actresses where I feel stupid saying, ‘Could you please hold up this toothbrush for this sponsor?’

“They look at me like, ‘No’. You just feel like an idiot, but that’s your job. [The brands] want a photo with their product. More and more as the celebrities caught onto this, they wouldn’t even show up. They would just send their handlers in to gather everything up and take it to them, because they say it’s too embarrassing for them.”

[Lester Cohen, photographer]

With Jason having no memory of the image and Cohen offering all the insight he can, that just about wraps things up! I don’t think we’ll ever get more details than this, unless Alexander has something happen that sparks his memory. Until that time, consider this mystery solved.

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George is gettin' upset!

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Before the GCN was released, they had special events called "Cube Clubs" or something. They took my camera before I went in.