UPDATE: Now that GoldenEye 007 has launched for Switch Online Expansion Pack members, we can confirm that the ‘gong’ sound effect is indeed in the game. For whatever reason, the version of the song used in Nintendo’s Twitter video lacks the sound effect.

You can see our original post on the topic below.

We’re mere hours away from GoldenEye 007 arriving on the Switch, letting millions of fans relive their childhood memories with an HD makeover. Unfortunately, some with extra-sharp memories may notice that a rather iconic element of the experience could be missing.

Nintendo shared the video above to promote GoldenEye 007’s upcoming Switch release, and diehard fans noticed something a bit upsetting. This tune sounds almost exactly as it did on the N64, but there’s one specific element that’s missing. The original version of this tune had an iconic ‘gong’ sound effect, yet it’s nowhere to be heard in this clip.

That ‘gong’ sound effect was all over the place in GoldenEye 007, as well as the film it’s based on. The gong was dreamed up by French composer Éric Serra, and its become a staple of his work on films. With the sound effect being tied to Serra, you’d imagine he’d have to approve its return for this revamped project…and the video above makes it seem like he didn’t sign off.

We’ll know what the truth is soon enough, as GoldenEye 007 arrives on Switch tomorrow. Let’s keep our fingers crossed and hope this was just an editing mistake in the trailer, but unfortunately, that seems quite unlikely.

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