As we mentioned earlier in the week, another round of DLC scenario voting is open for Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes. Fans get to speak up and steer the direction of post-launch content for the game, but in a new feature from the game’s director, we find out some other story ideas that the team has put on ice.

In a feature from Eiyuden Chronicle Director, Producer, and Writer Yoshitaka Murayama, we learn of two different story plans that the team has moved away from. These were considered for inclusion in the latest DLC vote, but the developers made the final call to move on from them.

We had another idea for a story that focused on generals during a war-time event, but it was dropped as the relevant characters would not be included in the game’s initial release. For the same reason, we also dropped a story plan that revolved around Lian’s martial arts training as there would have been a problem with the character’s release timing. Maybe we’ll just give Lian a separate fighting game of her own lol.

[Eiyuden Chronicle Director, Producer, and Writer Yoshitaka Murayama]

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