Grim Guardians: Demon Purge is the latest game by Inti Creates, which is coming on February 23rd of this year. While the game was announced in August of last year, Inti Creates has been sharing quite a few updates and overviews on many aspects and characters of the game. This time, we learned about Rion Harusame and Saki Takeda, who are voiced by Kurea Fujie and Momo Higuchi in the Japanese version, respectively. Check out the full details of each character below (via Perfectly-Nintendo)

Rion Harusame is a member of the Theatre Club who made a name for herself as a delinquent in middle school. But this is a thing of the past (supposedly): she has fallen in love with acting, and she claims to be the gentlest person in her club. However, her using Anita Bellman, her classmate, as a gofer makes it hard to believe she’s really turned a new leaf.

Saki Takada is the super positive mood maker of the basketball club. She often adds “right?” at the end of her sentences, which is why underclassmen call her “Right-senpai”. It’s such a common occurence that even second and third year students have taken to call her that.

Along with that, another round of gameplay has been shared by the team at Inti Creates. You can watch their live-stream presentation below.

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