The first night of Wrestlemania wrapped a little while ago, and it was full of amazing moments top to bottom. As usual, some of the matches spotlighted recognizable personalities from outside of the wrestling world. Tomorrow, Jackass star Johnny Knoxville will be partaking in a match. Tonight, the spotlight was put on internet personality Logan Paul.

Anyone who’s a fan of wrestling knows that the superstars wear their biggest, most extravagant gear to Wrestlemania. Logan Paul clearly got the message, as he wore a Pokémon card around his neck that’s valued at nearly $1 million.


This card in particular is a Pikachu Illustrator card, which makes it one of the rarest in existence. The most recent example of such card brought in over $900k at auction, which is an absolutely astronomical amount. As Paul was playing a ‘heel’ part tonight (aka the bad guy), he wanted to flaunt his wealth to the crowd to rile them up a bit more. This kind of move also seems to fit in quite well with the reputation Paul has gained over the last few years.


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2y ago

Logan Paul is a miserable excuse for a human being and the less coverage he gets on sites like this the better.


2y ago


I think you are jelous


2y ago


Jealous of his money? Sure.
But certainly not jealous of his reputation.