With GoldenEye 007 making its way to Switch yesterday, the internet has been abuzz with all sorts of chatter around the game. It’s brought with it a flood of memories from not just fans, but the dev team as well, and composer Grant Kirkhope has shared some new insight into one of the game’s most iconic tunes.

Every GoldenEye 007 fan remembers the game’s pause music, and for good reason. In a game full of great music, it could be one of the best songs. It’s short, sweet and absolutely perfect. Players no doubt heard it a ton as well, as taking breaks during long multiplayer sessions meant the tune was playing while people got a snack, went to the bathroom, and geared up for the next session.

In a new tweet from Grant Kirkhope, we learn that this fantastic song hardly took the amazing composer any time at all to conjure up.

It’s so bizarre that the Goldeneye pause music has developed a life of its own, something that took me 20 mins to write and I didn’t have a clue what I was doing. Constantly on the phone to @norgans because I’d broken something or couldn’t understand what was going on!

[Grant Kirkhope, GoldenEye 007 composer]

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