Square Enix is sending around a new survey in Japan that seems to indicate interest in creating more HD-2D remakes and remasters in their future.

The survey has a number of questions, but a handful of them are tied to Team Asano. For those who don’t know, Team Asano is the gang that has worked on the HD-2D titles Square Enix has released thus far.

Further in the survey, Square Enix asks for specific written answers to the following questions:

  • Which video game genre would you like to see Team Asano develop?
  • What kind of games would you like to see remade or remastered in the future? (Not limited to Square Enix titles)

If you’ve been hoping for another 16-bit RPG to get the HD-2D treatment, it seems like there’s a good chance that’ll happen in the future. Now cross your fingers and hope its one of the games you want!

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1+ y ago

I'd love to see FF6 remade in HD-2D please, Square-Enix.


1+ y ago

I hope they start taking more care about which games to HD-2D or gamers will start getting bored of the art style if every game is using it. Square really needs to either limit eligible titles or experiment with the HD-2D artstyle to make it different from the existing HD-2D titles.

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1+ y ago

I said it once and I'll say it 100 more times if necessary: FFVI and CHRONO TRIGGER.


1+ y ago


This is the only correct answer. Both would be amazing.