Pacific Opera Project has announced that they will be performing an interpretation of Mozart’s “The Magic Flute” but with a Nintendo re-imagining dubbed, “Superflute”.

Coming to the El Portal Theater March 17th-26th in North Hollywood the show takes the classic characters from Mozart’s Opera and puts them through a Mario/Donkey Kong/ Zelda themed lens.


Below is the description of the show written on it’s website.

POP brings back its 2019 season-opening tour-de-force production of Mozart’s The Magic Flute AKA #Superflute, set in classic video games from the early 1990s. The “super” production transports Papageno, Tamino, and the gang to the land of video games resembling Mario Bros. and Zelda with a new English libretto by Artistic Director Josh Shaw and E. Scott Levin. Opera Magazine wrote that the new production “could bring in a new generation of opera-goers” and Opera Today raved “Pacific Opera Project’s rollicking new take on The Magic Flute is as much endearing fun as a box full of puppies. And as ingenious Artistic Director Josh Shaw has reimagined the piece (marketed as #Superflute), the staging is also just about as relentlessly and adorably rambunctious, all the while proving to be commendably musically refined… I loved it. I think Mozart would have loved it. If not, to hell with him!”

[Pacific Opera Project Website]

The immediate question you might be asking yourself is “why?” and the answer according to Pacific Opera Project themselves is to make Opera more accessible.

The Opera company has performed many interpretations of classic works all in an attempt to make Opera something that more people would be willing to engage with.

If all this has peaked your interest you can follow the link below to read information on the show or even purchase tickets if you’re so inclined.

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