Slopecrashers still alive, slated for Switch release this year

A capybara on a snowboard? What more do you need?!

28 January 2023
by rawmeatcowboy 0

We first learned about Slopecrashers coming to Switch all the way back in 2018. You’re forgiven if you forgot about this one, as we’re all the way into 2023 and the title still hasn’t arrived. Thankfully, according to the dev team, that’s set to change this year. Unfortunately, we don’t have a more specific release date than 2023, so let’s hope that info comes around soon.

Slopecrashers is an arcade snowboard combat racer in which a wild crew of animals band together on a world spanning snowboarding tour. Do stunts & combos for extra boost and collect items to protect yourself or attack the competitors. You can ride on your own, or battle it out in 4 player local multiplayer.

And these slopes are not just in snow environments. No! Where we’re shredding, WE DON’T NEED SNOW! So don’t wonder if the next race starts in a shopping mall, the desert or a tropical jungle area.

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