Modder pushes the limits of the N64 with a new Mario project

Yes, this runs on actual hardware!

29 January 2023
by rawmeatcowboy 0

There are plenty of games nowadays that aim to replicate experiences that both look and feel like they could be on the N64. Those are all fantastic, but modder Kaze Emanuar had a different goal. Instead of making something that looked like an N64 game, they wanted a game that could run on actual N64 hardware.

The project above offers up a brand-new Super Mario 64 experience, but with a radically different visual approach. Kaze aimed to push what was possible on the N64 visually by offering better textures, lightings and atmosphere, and in the video above, you can see the stunning results of the project.

Without a doubt, this mod has to be one of the best looking N64 games to date. Things look so good that you might think this project could never run on an actual N64, but as the video shows, that’s not the case at all. This mod has no issues running on an unmodified N64, which makes everything that much more impressive.

Hopefully we see this project release at some point, and those with access to flash carts for the N64 can give this one a go on their own. I know I’d love to check it out on actual hardware!

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