The official Twitter account for the upcoming Super Mario Bros. animated movie has shared a brand-new teaser trailer that gives us a look at not one, but two things we haven’t seen in the film before!

First up, while we’ve already seen Donkey Kong in various commercials/trailers for the film, this new spot is the first one to let us hear Seth Rogen’s take on the character. He shares just a few lines, but it’s more than enough to see what he’s doing with the character.

Along with that, we also get a first-look at another power-up that’s transitioning from the games to silver screen. This is a power-up you’re no doubt familiar with, and it’s one you probably didn’t expect to see in the movie. We won’t spoil what it is, so give the clip below a watch to find out!

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1+ y ago

Ehhhhh, I'm not a fan.


1+ y ago

Sounds great to me.

And just a lil' note...the thumbnail actually gives the power up away. ;)


1+ y ago

That’s got to be a little fun jab at Sonic!


1+ y ago

I've gotten tired of Seth Rogen, but he wasn't a bad choice for Donkey Kong.