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30 January 2023
by rawmeatcowboy 0

Publisher Devolver Digital has released Trek to Yomi on Switch today. From now until Feb. 13th, 2023, you can get a 20% discount on the title, making it $16. Trek to Yomi takes up 3.8 GB.

Trek to Yomi is a captivating cinematic journey from the creative partnership of Leonard Menchiari (THE ETERNAL CASTLE) and Flying Wild Hog (Shadow Warrior).​​Experience an enchanting tale of romance, duty and death as lone swordsman Hiroki seeks to honour a vow to his dying master and protect the people he loves. A love letter to classic Japanese cinema, Trek to Yomi marries sumptuous monochromatic visuals with classic 2D combat and gentle puzzle-solving to create a rich, atmospheric adventure.

​Stunning vistas and striking movement in the spirit of classic samurai film combine to create a true cinematic experience. ​Engage multiple enemies at once with an intuitive combat system balancing careful attack and defense using the traditional weapons of the samurai. ​Inspired by classical Japanese folklore, follow the tumultuous life of Hiroki during his heroic fall and emotional return against the forces of evil. ​The dramatic and tender story is set against a memorable score featuring idiomatic Japanese instruments accurate to the Edo period.

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