All the way back in May 2019 Pokémon announced a new mobile game called Pokémon Sleep, the only information given about the game is that it would be a tool to help people practice better sleep habits in the same way Pokémon GO helped people get more active.

Pokémon Sleep news went quiet after the initial reveal, with many thinking the game had been quietly cancelled, but new patents suggest otherwise.

A user on reddit discovered that going to redirected to a patent application filed by the Pokémon company. This error seems to have been fixed, but the patent still exists and was dated November 17th, 2022, making this the most recent information we have on the status of the game.

The patent is called “Gamification of Health Awareness Based on Sleep Patterns” and lengthily discusses how the game will be designed to measure and reward healthy sleep patterns.

Below is the abstract from the patent, essentially the summary of everything the patent details.

“A user breeds a virtual life form by practicing good sleep habits and stays motivated toward practicing good sleep habits while enjoying breeding the virtual life form.

A game server manages progress of a breeding game of a virtual life form, the game server including circuitry configured to acquire sleep data that at least includes a sleep pattern indicating a bedtime and a wake-up time of a user; store the acquired sleep data as a sleep history; and update the breeding game based on the sleep pattern in the sleep history.”

["Gamification of Health Awareness Based on Sleep Patterns" patent abstract]

So it seems that Pokémon Sleep is still coming and that we we’ll be able to use a healthy sleep schedule to “breed” a Pokémon, whatever that means.

Pokémon tends to host a yearly Pokémon presents for Pokémon day, February 27th, so it’s possible we can finally hear more on Pokémon Sleep there.

If you want to see the full patent for yourself we will also be posting a link down below.

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1+ y ago

sounds like the least SFW pokemon title there is ever gonna be by that description!

Joking aside, I bet alot of streamers will use this as a subathon game while sleeping as breaks for it!