Gunscape now available on Switch

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01 February 2023
by rawmeatcowboy 0

Gunscape, the first-person shooter and world-building hybrid inspired by classic 90s FPSes from developer and publisher Blowfish Studios, constructs worlds ripe for discovery and carnage on Switch today.

Join a talented collective of community architects empowered to create, develop, and challenge each other with their original visions of the ultimate deathmatch. Employ the tools of an expansive construction kit containing almost every block, biome, weapon, add-on, and adversary any boxy crusader could dream of.

Once an arena has been created, unleash all hell on precisely placed units of deadly droids, skillful soldiers, massive beasts, and even dinosaurs - yes, DINOSAURS. If meticulously positioning fine details like walls, weapons, and enemies isn’t on the agenda, enjoy everybody else’s creations and bask in the mayhem. Dive into an impressive collection of fan-created single-player maps, co-op campaigns, and hand-crafted multiplayer arenas.  Gunscape is available now on Switch for $14.99 USD/€ 11.99.

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