Masahiro Sakurai simply doesn’t know how to take it easy. While he may not be working on Smash Bros. right now, that doesn’t mean he’s resting. Instead, he’s been working for months on a game development video series, and the latest installment is available today.

Ever feel like the music in large-scale titles these days doesn’t leave much of an impression? Sakurai says that’s because the soundtrack has to fit the game experience!

NES fans, think you can name each game whose music plays in this video before its title appears on-screen?

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1+ y ago

Music and sound is as important as art-style imo for the overall experience.


1+ y ago

Sakurai's comparison lags really hard. Just look at games like BRAVELY DEFAULT and NEO: The World Ends with You. Those games are new AND have killer soundtracks.
His examples stem mostly from open world(ish) games and that's were the ambience sound comes in. It still gets boring after a while if all you hear is the wind and some piano sound (looking at you BotW).