PlatinumGames is back with another installment in their Bayonetta 3 dev blog series, and this time around we get the fourth installment in their character designs feature.

Designer Mari Shimazaki helms the feature this time around, and she’s the lead character designer and art director for Bayonetta 3. In this installment, Shimazaki shows off character designs and final models for the new “Demon Masquerade” system.

Shimazaki says that as the number of weapons and Infernal Demons continued to increase, it was starting to get a little difficult to remember which demons Bayonetta was contracted with. This was just one of the reasons PlatinumGames thought it could be a good idea to have the Infernal Demon’s power physically represented on Bayonetta herself. And thus the Demon Masquerade system was born.

You can read more on this topic in the full dev blog here.

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