While the first few Legend of Zelda games saw Link go things alone for the most part, Ocarina of Time introduced Link to Navi, a fairy companion. While Navi might be the first time Link had a companion for the length of his game journey, it seems he was already paired with a fairy partner in the manga.


A multitude of scans from the “Perfect Zelda Fan Book,” which was released alongside The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, have made their way online. This book includes manga that covers the first three game, and as you can see above, Link is partnered up with another fairy character in these retellings.

We’re not quite sure who the fairy companion is or where the idea came from, but you have to wonder if Nintendo steered the manga in this direction, or if the Big N was inspired by the manga to give Link a similar companion in Ocarina of Time.

If you’d like to see more scans from Perfect Zelda Fan Book, you can find the collection here.

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