Super Adventure Hand Announced For Release This Year

Arm yourself with this one

01 February 2023
by the8bitlego 0

For those of us who have always wondered what a platformer where you play as a disembodied hand would look like, the answer is finally here! Made by DevM Games, Super Adventure Hand follows the journey of a hand on a quest to get back to its body, and it looks everybit as amazing as you would expect. Featuring over 50 levels of hand-based action, its sure to keep your hands full when it releases Quarter 3 of this year.

  • 50+ finger twisting levels!
  • Walk on walls, rolling boulders, chains and much more.
  • Drive a small car or why not take the skateboard!
  • 5 fantastic high friction digits!
  • Feet, yuck!
  • Scary fires, sawblades and other obstacles!
  • State of the art hand physics!
  • One really charismatic thumb!
  • An exciting nail-biting story!

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