While WayForward is most well known for Shantae, the company has been cranking out other original titles for years now. That includes Xtreme Sports, which hit the Game Boy Color all the way back in 2000. Now, 23 years later, you’ll be able to relive that adventure in two ways!

Limited Run Games has announced that they’re doing two physical releases for Xtreme Sports, the first of which is the Switch version you see above. This is a standard Switch release, so you get the game, a physical box and a game card. This version is priced at $35.


Along with that is a re-release of the game for Game Boy Color, complete with a fancy colored cartridge! Just like the Switch version, this option gets you a box and cartridge. This option is priced at $45.

Both versions of Xtreme Sports will go up for pre-order on Feb. 10th, 2023. You can take a closer look at each version here.

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