Grim Guardians: Demon Purge is the latest game by Inti Creates, which is coming on February 23rd of this year. While the game was announced in August of last year, Inti Creates has been sharing quite a few updates and overviews on many aspects and characters of the game. This time, we learned about six new characters! Check out the full details of each character below (via Perfectly-Nintendo)

Shizuka Ninomiya, who is voiced by Saki Fujita in the Japanese version, is the leader of the Disciplinary Commitee. She’s such a stickler for rules she actually memorised every single one found in her student handbook. Her mottos are “It’s a student’s duty to study!” and “Romance is forbidden!”. Despite that, she’s quite interested in love, and secretly bought some romance books in a neighbouring town.

Kasumi Sakaguchi, who is voiced by Mayu Mineda in the Japanese version, is the ace runner of the Track and Field Club. She loves running and eating in equal measure, which is why it’s fairly common to see her rush to the cafeteria at lunch time. She’s a bit of a tomboy, but whenever romance is involved, her pure-hearted maiden side comes to the surface.

Ruriko Mikasa, who is voiced by Miyamatsu Mayu in the Japanese version, is the secretary of the Student Council. She is known for her wild imagination. Her greatest joy in life is to be ordered around by the president of the Student Council. In Japanese, she adds “ssu” at the end of each sentence. Her grades are so bad, it’s possible she might be doing it on purpose just to be scolded by the president of the Student Council.

Yurina Gozu, who is voiced by Kana Yuuki in the Japanese version, is the charismatic president of the Student Council. She’s admired by all students, who call her “Yurina-sama”. Her reputation is such that even teachers can’t ignore her remarks. Her enthusiasm knows no bounds, and she tends to overdo things.

Mihono Matsubara, who is voiced by Nozomi Umeoka in the Japanese version, is known as the “Master Artist” who publishes a surreal 4-panel in the school’s newspaper. Kaoruko-senpai, a legendary alum of the Art Club, was even found saying “This is pretty nice.” about her work.

Otome Kurosawa, who is voiced by Tsumugi Okura in the Japanese version, styles herself The Maiden of the Black Rose (others prefer to call her Rosie). She loves Japanese confectionary and manga, two things that her friend Maya Kamizone is also fond of. She often shows off her chuunibyou-side to her friend by pretending to be a demon hunter, but she ignores that Maya is a bona fide demon hunter who hides her true identity

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