Among Us, one of the biggest games in latest years which continues to do wonders among us gaming fans. You can say their upbringing has been nothing but unpredictable, and the same word can be used for their official Twitter account and their posts .

The latest one to come from them is one where they share that a few years ago, when the game got really popular, the devs had to change the color of a specific graphic within the game. This being the red cross found in the MedBay area, which had to go from red to blue.

If you are wondering why, it’s because using a red cross in your product is actually a violation of the Geneva Conventions!

If you are not sure what the Geneva Conventions are and you are thinking “I wish GN would give me a summary because I’m not looking it up”, you are in luck!

Closely associated with the Red Cross, the Geneva Conventions seek to protect wounded and sick people who are no longer taking part in times of armed conflicts. These people being armed forces, prisoners of wars, civilians, among others.

As to why the red cross graphic had to be changed, that’s because the International Committee of the Red Cross is highly protective of their symbol as it’s meant to symbolize hope and aid to those in need, and if it were to be misused by corporations, people would not be able to trust it.

The red cross and red crescent emblems are protected symbols under international humanitarian law and national laws. Any use that is not expressly authorized by the Geneva Conventions and their Additional Protocols constitutes a misuse of the emblem. Use of these emblems by unauthorized persons is strictly forbidden.

If you are a big Earthbound fan, you may have heard something similar happening to the game when it got localized back in the day. The reasoning is the same, so maybe you did know something without being aware!

Source: RetroVolve
Source: RetroVolve

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1+ y ago

"If you are not sure what the Geneva Conventions are and you are thinking 'I wish GN would give me a summary because I’m not looking it up', you are in luck!"

Thank you for the additional background and effort taken, it makes articles like this much more enjoyable.


1+ y ago

The Red Cross has to be the most commonly ignored copyright infringement... and it's because to use gamers it means "health". I think most games have their "turn the red cross green" moment during development.