The game studio behind Knockout City, Valen Studios, has just announced that the servers for their online free-to-play game will be shutdown on June 6th of this year, after their last season is released at the end this month. Some of the reasons given for this are how difficult it is for a smaller studio to retain new users to maintain the game active and how demanding it is to make the necessary changes to achieve that.

Very sad news for fans of this great innovative game. If you’d like to know more, don’t forget to watch the official video statement posted on the official Knockout City Youtube channel.

Season 9 is launching on february 28th and it will include:

  • A new map
  • A new Brawl Pass
  • New events
  • New Deep Space Dispatches
  • And more

The Servers of the game will be shutdown on June 6th

[Knockout City YouTube]

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