Back at the end of January, global video game publisher 505 Games and developer Rabbit & Bear Studios called for the aid of Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes fans to determine the direction of the title’s third DLC in a public survey. That survey has come to an end, and a DLC winner has been chosen.

The vote offered fans 5 different DLC options to choose from. You can see a recap of each below.

Option 1: Join forces with a samurai Iugo, a ninja Mio, and a swordswoman Hakugin on a secret mission from the East Reach to put down the escaped yokai (monsters). Survive challenging boss level battles!

Option 2: A tale of honorable war between the sandwalkers and their rivals the desert mercenaries. Embark on an eccentric journey with Yuferius, Barnard, Scarlet, and other exciting figures from this installment.

Option 3: Journey through the story of the origin and collapse of the once prosperous Elden Realm and discover the secrets of the rune-lenses! The collectors will not want to miss this supernatural story involving Markus, Milana, Quinn, and other mysterious characters.

Option 4: Partake in fun town activities with Dr. Corque, Code L, Frida, and more entertaining characters roaming around the town where Nowa’s Alliance is headquartered. Play against the most challenging Beigoma game opponents, test your culinary abilities in cooking battles, and try new Eiyuden Chronicle minigames.

Option 5: Mellore, Carrie, Momo, and other magical powered girls set off on a hilarious story that is too cute to pass up. The Alliance forever changed after a bit of girl power was poured into the mix. Faceoff against mind bending unique battle scenarios and leave it to the magical girls to save the day.

After 10k people voted in the survey, it was option 3 that won, which will be called Elden Magicks. As for the other DLC options, it remains to be seen if they’ll be ditched altogether or reconsidered sometime down the road.

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