It’s a 3-person show this week, but it’s great one. We have a lot of fun talking about all sorts of things, Nintendo included, of course. Hope you enjoy the more intimate podcast!

Thanks to Krazy Kernal for the art!
Thanks to Krazy Kernal for the art!

Thanks to Gybones for putting together the timestamps for this week’s episodes!

00:00:00 Theme Music

00:00:33 Introduction

00:00:52 Pokémon Desc

00:02:06 Crew Greetings

00:06:48 Discord Hellos

00:10:08 Topical Talk

00:21:24 Earthbound Pants

00:37:32 Now I Get News

00:37:51 New Kirby RTDD Epilogue

00:42:06 Rumor of Game Vouchers Returning

00:48:13 Old Goldeneye Devs Sad They Weren’t Included in Rerelease

00:54:15 Rumor: Nintendo Skipping E3

00:58:39 Rumor: LoZ Lego Leaked

01:03:27 Good Nicky Hill Joke

01:05:35 Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Update

01:08:06 Rumor: Light Release Schedule for Nintendo Q3 & Q4 of 2023

01:13:57 Nick Offerman Got too Into Banjo Kazooie

01:28:57 Rumor: Direct Soon

01:33:38 NA eShop Releases

01:36:47 Euro Sweet eShop Releases

01:41:36 Rumor: Advance Wars Re-Boot Camp Shadow Dropping Next Week

01:45:05 Nintendo of Canada Rep Sorry for Poke Bugs

01:46:45 Whatcha Been Playin’ Pod Crew?

02:21:29 Listener Question

02:24:29 Patreon Question

02:27:43 Music Time

02:33:41 Deux’s Rumor

02:36:06 Goodbyes

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1+ y ago

I'm certain this was a phenomenal episode. My partner and I will catch the archive later this weekend. We went to check out Knock at the Cabin on Saturday.


1+ y ago

I love that there’s a specific time stamp for “Good Nicky Hill Joke” 🤣